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The AdFor.US Difference is astronomical, but honestly--our platform looks and feels very much like hundreds (even thousands) of the most popular websites people use daily.  On the other side of this fact, AdFor.US is so powerful that our 1 platform is ALSO capable of performing the same functions of ALL of these websites.

Another fact is that we've intentionally built AdFor.US this way for intuitive mobility- so even the newest of internet users can navigate our portal to FIND WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR IN FEWER THAN 5 CLICKS and master our other features in only a minute or two.

AdFor.US is quite literally the easiest, most beneficial and grandest evolution of the internet since its' origin.

The pages and articles on this website will offer a direct comparison of the most popular websites versus The AdFor.US Solution.  We'll share with you WHEN and WHERE those sites can't stack up to US.  We will also show and tell HOW those sites are jeopardizing your safety and security and WHO really stands to profit.

If the web is advertising supported- who's paying for all of it? The answer is-  YOU ARE!

The web is PAY AS YOU GO and Most of us know this, somewhere in the recess of our minds, but we have this notion that someone else is flipping the bill, which just isn't the case.  Whether it is with your private information, potentially dangerous spam mail or more and more clicks trying to find the answers your looking for.

The AdFor.US Difference is 'Revolution' quite literally...

In a word- The AdFor.US Solution is "Backwards".  Put it this way-- if you are looking for a on sneakers, do you go to every brand manufacturers website?  do you go to each & every brand manufacturers social media profiles, ie facebook, twitter, instagram, pintrest?  do you go to each of the big box stores websites? Do you go to the big box stores social media sites? Do you go to a aggregation portal like ebay or amazon? Do you go to a engine like google, yahoo or msn search? retail me not? Do you go to deal sites like coupons.com, blackfridaydeals.com?  Do you go to review sites such as yelp or yammer? Do you go to directories such as yellow pages, dex or attracta?

We are required to chase merchants all over the web, and when we find them, we always have to compromise somewhere.  In a sentence- "AdFor.US empowers Consumers to Target & Track Merchants, NOT the other way around."  'FINDING', rather than 'SEARCHING'.  

The AdFor.US Solution offers various and numerous Features that you've been promised for years by hundreds of websites, web apps and even the some of the biggest companies on the web.  Click here to see our Feature Set-  In a nutshell, The AdFor.US/Difference is No fancy tricks, No more doubling efforts checking or updating social networks or static unchanging websites or blogs, No Voided or Expired Content-(All content is 7 days old or newer), No NON- results (All content is within a 2, 5, 10, 20 or 50 mile proximity as set by the user), No Security, Safety or Privacy Concerns.  We are the perfect user Agent!

By reversing standard web practice and Targeting Merchants this simple backwards exchange enables another REVOLUTION TOO- Take a look at some of the major AdFor.US Solution Benefits below (and minimizes everywhere else on the web too!)

No privacy invasion, Identity theft, Cyber spying, Privacy-invasive software, Privacy and Data Collection, Targeted threat, Behavioral targeting, Reality mining, Data Mining, Targeted marketing, Behavioral targetingDigital footprints
No additional sign ups or sign ins SpamvertisingSpam, Unsolicited commercial email, Riskware, spam ping, trackbacks, Spam blogs, Forum spam, Blog spam, Social spam,Referrer spam, Spamhaus, Bulk email software, e-mail drip marketing, email spoofing, phishingspam bots
No more guessing who the advertiser is-  False advertising, Typosquatting, In-text advertising, consumer confusion, misrepresentation, confusingly similar,  Spoofing Attacks, Homepage hijacking,  Mousetrapping, Spamdexing, TrustRank, Clickjacking, Front groups, sockpuppets, spamdexing,  302 Google Jacking, search engine index spamming, Google bomb, Attack, Advance-fee fraud, Lottery scam, Make Money Fast, Paid News (India), Trademark biddingFraud on the Advertiser,   bait-and-switch, Click to reveal, Drive-by downloads, URL redirection,  Link manipulation, Filter evasion, Heterogeneous clients
No more fraudulent or untrustworthy reviews Advertorials or  Article marketing masquerading as personal unbiased reviews or recommendations- Murketing
No more Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - OR - Social Media Marketing (SMM) - OR - Search Engine Marketing (SEM) -
No more Search Arbitrage Cookie stuffing, List poisoning, Exhaustion of Rights, Session capping, Frequency capping, Cloaking, Doorway pages, Keyword stuffing, Methods of website linking, Scraper site, Server farm, Spam in blogs, Web guide, Click farm, Link farm,  Content farm, Subterfuge, Man-in-the-browser or Man-in-Middle (MITM), Address munging, Directory Harvest, stealth marketing, astroturfing, Trustworthiness of advertisers
No more keyword or keyword research AdSenseAdware, DoubleClick, OpenX, AppNexus, Ad serving, Ad exchange, Demand-side platform, Supply-side platform, Real-time bidding, ad networks
No more Highest Bidder Advertising Programmatic Marketing, Click  fraud, Botnet, Zombie computer, Seeding agencyPay per clickCost per impressionCost per actionPost-click marketing, Click Through Rate (CTR), View-through rate (VTR), Cost Per Action (CPA), effective Cost Per Action (eCPA), Cost Per Click or Pay Per Click (CPC or PPC), Cost Per Impression (CPI),Cost Per Mille (CPM), also known as Cost per thousand (CPT), effective Cost Per Mille (eCPM), Other performance-based compensation
No more Affiliate marketingRevenue sharing,  Referral, No intermediaries,  Multi-level marketing (MLM),  pyramid schemes, Lead scoring,  Website forgery, Spoofing Attacks, Homepage hijacking,  Mousetrapping, Spamdexing, TrustRank, Clickjacking, Front groups, sockpuppets302 Google Jacking, search engine index spamming, Google bomb, Attacks
No more security risks Vulnerability (computing), Web security exploits:  Infectious malware: viruses and worms, Concealment: Viruses, trojan horses, rootkits, and backdoors, Social engineering (security), Browser hijacking, Security in Web applications,  Web server overload causes, Spyware, ScarewareMalvertising
No more security risk Software as a Service (SAAS) exploits Anti-malware strategies, Anti-virus and anti-malware software, Website security scans, Eliminating over-privileged code, Grayware, Black hat search engine optimization or Negative SEO, Parasite hosting, Ad-blocking, Anti-targeting technologies
No more Search analyticsWeb analytics, multivariate statisticsstatistical hypothesis testing, cross channel traffic disambiguation, heatmaps, Content marketing,  Pop-ups/pop-unders, Floating adBanner blindnessMobile advertising, content development
No more waiting on Tech department to update website Over-privileged users and over-privileged code, Lack of industry standards, Vulnerability to malware, Security defects in software, keylogger, Insecure design or user error, scripting applications, Technological variations,  Use of the same operating system, Buffer-overrun vulnerability

AdFor.US borrowed content Intranet just for you no bkA little background...

My name is Joel Santo and I've spent 3 years in the bowels of the internet- tracking down the most elusive phenomenon revolving around the web, specifically:  ACCESSIBILITY / EASE OF USE, PRIVACY / SAFETY and CYBER SECURITY / HARDWARE RELIANCE.

The result of those findings & the magnitude of what I have learned has taken another 3 years to rally my tacit understanding to conceive the perfect harmony of Features & Functions that will almost entirely eradicate the majority of marketing mayhem & nafarious schemes that saturate the web.

Anybody over the age of 10 can master the AdFor.US website portal in a matter of 2 minutes or less AND FIND, without searching- EVERY LOCAL BUSINESS (within a 2, 5, 10, 20 OR a 50 mile proximity) having an OFFER or ANNOUNCEMENT for their SERVICES,  PLACES for Activities, Events or Entertainment AND/OR any RETAIL THINGS.  And you'll FIND IT in 5 clicks or less.

I've built a demo, I've seen it work.  I could launch it today in your , but I have over 300 more enhancements that need to be coded in before a viable beta could launch.

$100,000 is what I need to finish & launch AdFor.US in the next few months.  As you might imagine, all the big money players on the web stand to loose quite a bit revenue after we turn the web inside out.  For this reason, we are keeping the HOW (or demo) tightly guarded, only sharing with a few select investors.  AdFor.US is Patent Pending, but that won't stop frivolous infringement lawsuits and such trying to discourage and deter our endeavors.  

AdFor.US_difference_borrowed content0013-become a founder no bkI feel it is best to raise these funds from the people who will benefit the most from using AdFor.US.  If you want to know more about joining our grassroots movement and becoming a Founder of the Evolution  CLICK HERE and check out the exclusive rewards for donating $5 or more.  

Thank you for your interest-- Please share our content as much as possible.    

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